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Great interview with the beautiful Adrianna Joleigh 😀


Ah, here shadows you really should fear. Nadia does, for she knows what we cannot see, and fears it.

Adrianna Joleigh brings beauty to the dark and fear.



Although, Nadia hadn’t heard the phantom speak for hours, and no longer sensed a threat present, she felt defenseless in her new environment. She walked around the room searching for anything of hers she recognized. No bags or trinkets, nor pictures nearby. Except for the blood spatter, the cement walls were bare. A white radiator sat beneath the window, cold to the touch. The small bed contained only a flat pillow, and a white thin fitted sheet with blue stripes and a wool blanket, with the initials embroidered on them.

 A.A.? Who is A.A.?

She walked around the room covering every square foot, and noticed a small cabinet adjacent to the steel door. Once opening the cabinet, she thumbed through the folded linens and empty hangers. A small stuffed bear sat on the top shelf. One eye was missing, and its fur matted. She picked it up…

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