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I think there is your voice as a writer, that is your soul, but, like colors, there are different shades and hues. And your voice, Dyane, is definitely all you. And you are developing nicely your different shades and hues.

I don’t think you have to worry about not being a fantasy writer, because I have seen you nail that, and because there is a lot of continuity between genres of speculative fiction. Sure, there are some differences, but not like it used to be, especially with fantasy. And, I feel like, as a reader, your voice has worked, in its own way, for everything you’ve written.

And, I completely get that your mood affects your writing, including style and voice. And, for me, I think a good solution to that is just focusing on the story or scene that would best “channel” that mood. If you’re angry, then write the scene where a character is angry, even if for different reasons. But, the best way this works, is (like you said), is when yeah feel strongly about something, like say injustice. That’s when it really helps to write those scenes that you can relate most to, in your mood (state of mind).

Lol, another way is harder, but can be more fun. Do like an actor and get yourself into that mood, or thinking about that subject for that scenes (say reading about injustice in the news), or like pick the kind of music that fits that mood.

Lol, I wrote this, not just for you Dyane, but other writers struggling with the same thing 😉

Dropped Pebbles

Have you ever stopped to think about why you write what you do? Why you are drawn to certain genres or styles and not to others? Ever think about why your Voice might be more potent or clear in some works than others?

These are questions I have been pondering for a long time, ever since a writer friend, after reading one of my stories, mentioned how my Voice always came through loud and clear. At the time, I had thought this was great. Like, finally, my writer’s fingerprint was showing through in my work. I also took this as a great compliment, especially after I had been told a while ago that I didn’t have a Voice. But then I started to think: did this mean that all my stories sounded the same? Would readers become bored when they picked up a new story because my work had become…

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A compelling interview with a very real and unique writer. This was inspiring to me in many ways.