Lol, fifty-three minutes? Huh… It generally takes me fifty-three hours, lol. But, this is still a comforting post. I can relate to all of that, to some extent or another.

You know, the best advice is always the the best, and Victoria implies it here: sit butt in chair, keep writing.

Now, if only I can learn that…

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.24.50 AMThe life of a blogger is never done! Blogging is a unique and rewarding hobby (or career for some), and I definitely enjoy it as a hobby.Mostly I enjoy it when reflecting upon posts that I’ve already written, because actually writing a good blog post can be pretty tough.

I’ve noticed that writing a blog post follows–more or less–a rather interesting pattern. I’m sure some of my fellow bloggers can relate! 🙂

  1. THE DETERMINATION PHASE. Thirty minutes, let’s do this thing! I am on fire today and have lots of other stuff to do. I can knock this post out in half an hour or less….
  2. THE SLOW START. I can definitely write this in half an hour. I just need something to write about. So, what’s on my mind? Grief, dang it. I’m still not over how David Tennant’s Doctor left Doctor Who. I watched that, what, two weeks…

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